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'I can only recommend Schinderhannes to anyone who missed Old Town, which is no longer available. Finally there is a chance to play this game again.'Holg's play devil

Superfredawards 9 out of 10 points:

'Schinderhannes  is an excellent game in which the so-called crimes of Schinderhannes have to be assigned to the respective locations on the game board by the principle of exclusion. ...

Anyone who is willing to familiarize themselves with the rules of an unusual game and is not afraid of logical connections will certainly be enthusiastic about Schinderhannes.'Superfred

'Really stands out from the crowd in a pleasant way... even if the mechanisms are not very simple at the beginning, the game lives from the unique atmosphere and the great design. Clicker-Spiele presents a beautiful, evening-long tactical game with deductive elements. Keep it up!'
01/17/11 by Thomas Hammer
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