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Schinderhannes - Thinking fun at its best

for 1 - 4 Players, 9 years and older         Author:  Stephan Riedel                   Illustrations: Christian Opperer

Soonwald 1802, Schinderhannes, Germany's most famous robber is on the run.

The players try to find out where Schinderhannes committed which crime. To do this, they follow various clues using the info cards. Clue markers are placed on the possible locations and help with the research. Using the exclusion principle, clue markers can be gradually removed again until an offense is precisely determined for a location.

Players are rewarded the more information they provide.
The game ends when there is a crime disc on each location and thus all crimes and their locations are determined.

The player with the most points wins

"It plays completely different from any other game on the market; it's not even comparable to other deduction games. An absolute insider tip." Andreas Günter auf Hall9000

  • 80 Cards

  • 1 Game Board,

  • 1 Rules(Deutsch, English)

  • 16 Tiles, 80 Markers

  • 4 Wooden Figures

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