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'It's definitely exciting - we were very happy when we guessed correctly with our card and the one that we wanted is moved... Sometimes the laughter is great, which run combinations come about. And where then that goal stands.
Conclusion:try out! The few euros are well spent, it's a short game that you like to play several times in a row, you don't have to think too much, you have a lot of fun together, you can get a little angry and some tacticians can still use tactics quite well...
Have fun! And maybe drink a little East Frisian tea with it...'.

Wiebke D. on 11/26/2014
'A funny, tactical, unpredictable running game in which you don't roll the dice, but have to act with cards. The presentation is cute and unusual in style. A tactical running game with sophistication that can be played very well in any occupation. Who gets involved in the game has a fun, fast-playing and above all a unique game with fun guarantee. :) I recommend it as a warm-up or final game, or just in between.'
Doreen S., 12/19/2014
Ostfriesenlauf is a simple racing game for a relaxed round and belongs to the category of fun games. You don't really have any influence on the course of the race. Only the player whose piece is in last position can play his card with certainty on a certain piece. All other players have to be surprised because the positions are constantly changing. A race lasts about 15 minutes and as an 'opener'; is definitely suitable for a game night in the right lap.
Detlef Jakob-Ludozine
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