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Ostfrisenlauf - The turbulent running game

für 2 - 4 Spieler ab 8 Jahre    Autor: Stephan Riedel     Illustrations:halali


Every year, young and old meet in East Friesland for the world-famous East Frisian Run to choose the fastest East Frisian of the year. This famous race has a special feature:

It is allowed to cross the finish line in the opposite direction. Therefore, it is sure to surprise every outsider when some runners fall back to their last position after a sudden sprint. These runners can't decide which direction to run in order to finish first.

The runners are moved with the help of action cards whose instructions refer to the positions of the figures in the race.

Beginning with the last player, players place a card face down in the center of the table.

When all players have discarded their cards, the cards are turned over and their instructions are carried out one after the other.
The positions may change due to the instructions; therefore it is not always certain whether the desired competitor is actually drawn that one would like to have drawn. It can happen that a player has to pull a bishop of a fellow player forward.
The winner is the first person to cross the finish line with their character.

'Playfully a tactical running game with sophistication which can be played very well in any line-up.
Anyone who gets involved in the game has a fun, fast-playing and, above all, a unique game with fun guarantee.' :)
Doreen S. from Hamelin, 9.12.2014
  • 60 action cards

  • 1 game board

  • 1 rules (German, English)

  • 4 halo figures

  • target

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