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Old Town Robbery

Old Town Robbery

for 2 - 7 Players +7 years Author: Stephan Riedel     Illustrations:Christian Opperer


The deputy makes his rounds. In the different houses of the city he meets the residents: Grandma sits in the casino, Dynamite-Joe tests the safe of the bank, ...

At the end there is a raid. The victim names a witness in whose direction the bandit fled. The witness is questioned and names another witness...

It is the player's task to help the deputy sheriff to locate the various witnesses in order to finally confront the bandits. Who has the best memory? The resulting story should help the memory on the jumps.


The rules of the game are easy and clear to understand. You quickly find yourself in the western setting thanks to the mnemonics to be formed and the Wild West characters and buildings. Towards the end of the first phase, the deputy sheriff gets faster and faster and occasionally manages several rounds in a train.

Overall, the game is a lot of fun and the memory aids show how much you can remember.

  • 1 deputy sheriff pawn

  • 18 building cards,

  • 1 hat card,

  • 34 person cards,

  • 1 raid card,

  • 7 yes/no cards

  • 50 game chips

  • 1 cube

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