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Gad's Hill 1874


"Overall, Gads Hill was convincing. ...Of course it needs some luck to draw the right cards. But the main focus is clearly on clever card use.
So if you have the chance: try your hand at reconstructing the Wild West village!"

18. Feb. 2017
"The special thing about Gads Hill 1874, in my eyes, is the fact that you can now play this kind of logic game with several people.... At this point I would rather compare it with a math problem. Not that you have to calculate, but you have to understand the "way of calculation". Once you understand it, it's quite easy. By the way, the game works equally well in all lineups."11. Nov. 2016
"This sounds complicated, but it is not. However, as I said, you have to dig in, because the game principle is not familiar to many. It's a logic game and you have to understand the principle and whoever has it, has a lot of fun with it. You have to get involved with it.
If you have internalized the game principle, you will find a game that is fun and at the same time challenging. This requires two rounds of play. Otherwise, the game impresses with a sophisticated system and successful graphics."
2017 Wilfried Just
"My Thoughts

I love this game.  Wait, I gave away the punch line.

I’ve never felt so creative in playing a strategy game.  I don’t know what the word is for when I craft a strategy in Agricola or something else, but creative isn’t it.  When I look over my hand of cards in Gads Hill, I sometimes have an A-ha/Eureka moment – maybe not when it comes to actually being such a great move, but it is almost like the cards are multi-use.  The cards aren’t multi-use, but, depending on how you pair them with other cards, or how you logically implement them, it is as if they are."

7th September 2017 James Nathan

"Gads Hill 1874 – which, have no doubt, could have been the 2016 editionof Old Town – returns some of the more interesting aspects of the earliest editions of Old Town, including anasymmetric board and more buildings than locations. As a result, it compares very comparably to my favoriteedition of Old Town – and with better components and a more inviting title, to boot."
And, as someone who nearly always dislikes expansions, I have to say – for this game, the expansion actually works well.

7th September 2017 Joe Huber


"A big praise and thanks go to Clicker Spiele for the editorial revision and redesign of Old Town. Gads Hill 1874 is really something special, and if you are open to unusual game principles in the deduction area, you will get a really interesting game here." heavywolf 21. Aug. 2017

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