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Fleet 1715


The logic game about the sinking of the Spanish fleet

Player Comments:
"I think it's just great and have already praised your game over the green clover in our game group"

"So we just completed scenario C and that was quite something to think about ... Nice game!" (Bjorn)

Reviews in magazines and the Internet:

  • "Conclusion: There are deductive card games like sand at the sea this year - it is difficult to find a comparable or even more well thought-out one than" Fleet 1715 ". If an accident like the sinking of the Spanish ship fleet has a positive side effect, then it is in this case. And if I had to thrash more phrases now to show how much I like the game, I could do that too, but that is no longer necessary. To be thoroughly enthusiastic should be enough as a recommendation! " Björn Backes

  • "An unusual, excellent deduction game with a very well-fitting topic." WIN The game magazine

  • "The material is simply beautiful, and also supports you when working on the tasks, if you don't get along with the result tables. The game is worth the money, especially as a pastime for one person. But it also has its appeal as a multi-player game." Michael "The Roach" Janßen

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