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Fleet 1715


The logic game about the sinking of the Spanish fleet

for 1 - 5 players, ages 10+  Author: Stephan Riedel         Illustrations: Bernhard Kilchmann

At dawn on July 24, 1715, a fleet of eleven ships anchored in Havana. For fear of raids, the Spaniards had not dared to send any of their silver ships over to the mother country. The War of the Spanish Succession with Great Britain and the Netherlands had made the shipping routes too unsafe.
What was now carried on the ships of this armada was the most precious cargo that has ever been entrusted to the seas: the ships had loaded gold and silver bars worth the equivalent of $ 86 million. The ships also had three iron-studded chests, filled to the brim with priceless jewels on board.

The chests were intended for the future wife of the Spanish king, Duchess Isabella of Parma.

On July 29, the fleet passed the Bahamas and set course for Cape Kennedy today. During the night the waves suddenly increased and a hurricane drove the ships towards the reef-strewn coast. On the morning of July 31, 1715, the storm was over. Hundreds of bodies lay between gold bars, silver coins and cannons on the Florida coast.

Game material

  • 66 playing cards

    • 48 info cards

    • 16 property cards

    • 8 mission cards

  • 1 game rule

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