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Café Melange rules / Rules

Regula gry
Краткие правила

The active player has placed a prominent person. At the end of his turn, the player turns over a new prominent personand draws a reservation card face down. According to the card drawn, he places the markers on the chairs:

  • If all the chairs are already occupied or four markers are already on a chair, a new reservation card is drawn

  • If only one chair is vacant, the prominent personis placed directly (don't forget the waiter). No player receives the placement value. A new prominent personis revealed.

Played action cards are placed in front of the player. In the next section (waiter moves to another section on the counting bar) the card will be placed on the discard pile.
If the same two markers are on two chairs and there are no more markers from these two guests on the board, it is not allowed to place another marker from another guest on these two places. All other markers on these chairs must be removed.

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