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for 1 - 5 Players +(5)7 Years   Author: Stephan Riedel            Illustrationen: Wilinski

BLUE consists of five almost identical puzzles each - the pieces of the puzzles can be interchanged.

But each of the puzzles differs by some little things. For example, the motifs are designed differently in color or one or the other motif is missing a little something.

BLUE can be played alone or with 2 to 5 players.

The game for several players:

especially with three to five people, the game is really fun. The puzzles are placed face down on the game table. Each player gets a starting piece. This is marked with a letter on the playing field. Now it goes to the puzzle. Everyone tries to complete his motif. But all the pieces fit together, even if they are the pieces of the opponent. Here alone there are the first excitements. But for this comes after the completion of the puzzle the second round of play. "You have my piece!" Whoever is the first to complete his puzzle is credited with the corresponding points. The further places get correspondingly fewer points. In the second round, the goal is to get a color-correct puzzle together by optimally swapping the puzzle pieces. Points are deducted for each exchanged piece. The number of possible exchanges is limited to an appropriate number.

The game for one player:
Depending on age or puzzle experience, the player selects 2, 3, 4 or 5 puzzles, mixes the pieces and then tries to put together a puzzle with correct motifs again. With 2 puzzles this is still easy, with 3 already quite difficult, but with 5 puzzles...
With 48 pieces per puzzle, 43 different colored motifs - there are always two or three puzzle motifs with the same colors - and five puzzles, there is an infinite number of possible combinations (about 130 trillion). BLUE can thus safely be called one of the most difficult puzzles to solve.


This puzzle game brings fun, excitement and action to any group of children and incidentally promotes attention and observation skills. Great fun for nimble children from 6 years old.
Markus Böttcher Entdeckungskiste Juni/Aug. 2007

Blue is really a small family game and brings new ideas to the game. We can really recommend Blue and wish the small publisher more innovative ideas.

  • 5 Puzzle with 48 pieces each,

  • 1 Rule

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