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Battle of the Nations 1813

BGG (Board Game Geek):

  • A completely different kind of conflict simulation. Napoleon and Schwarzenberg maneuver their corps into strategically important positions on the battlefield, ultimately winning the battle.

  • ALSO very nice components too! the picture art is great!

...One more word about the graphics, which were created by Bernhard Kilchmann - actually a stage designer. The army tiles show the portrait of the respective commander, each one painted by Kilchmann. This graphic actually gives Völkerschlacht 1813 a theatrical appearance.

And what about the replayability? Due to the randomly drawn target types, the basic situation is always different, which both sides can try. That's fine for a few games in a row, and again if the game has been sitting in the cupboard for a long time..

Arne Claussen fair play Oct 2020

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Don't ever miss it: Battle of the Nations is pure wargame singing. Het gaat hem eerder om de tactical movements om bepaalde posities in te nemen. The Troepenfiches geven also interesting possibilities. So you can only offer something that is stronger than that you can materialize on a flat surface. Timing is eveneens important, want ever triggert best een veldslag wanneer jouw positie het vordeligst is. Kortom, heel wat opties om af te because of.

Beschouw dit spel dus not all as voer voor oorlogsfanaten, also doorsnee spelers kunnen veel plezier uit halen.

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