Battle of the Nations 1813

Errors in the cards
Card No. 6 (Friedrich):
The cavalry symbol is wrong. It should be the infantry symbol
Map No. 17 (Marmont):
There should be three blue circles instead of two
There are a total of 15 wooden figures in the game (including time indicator)
  • What happens if Napoleon has placed all armies and can therefore no longer take any actions?
    Napoleon ends his turn (he may still take action cards). Schwarzenberg is now carrying out his actions. If at the end of his turn, the time indicator shows October 19th not yet reached, it is Napoleon's turn again. Napoleon now moves the time indicator one space ahead and ends his turn. Now Schwarzenberg is playing again.
  • The face-up action cards to draw are 'uninteresting' for both games.
    If players have only drawn cards from the face-down draw pile for two rounds, they can replace the four cards that are face up with four new cards from the draw pile. The exchanged cards go to the discard pile.
  • An Allied C army is placed between French Army A, which is on an order field, and another French Army B.
    French Army B can support Army A (see picture on the right) because Army C is in contact with both Army A and Army B.
  • There is an Allied army between two French armies that are on order fields.
    The Allied Army can only fight one French army
Video - Rules

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